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Our Rovigo factory manufactures hot dip galvanizing work according to EN 10240 A1 and B3 and thread according to ISO 7/1. In the same mill we perform external polyethylene coatings according to UNI 9099.


The steps of the pipes galvanization process are as follows:

  • acid-degreasing;
  • pickling;
  • wash;
  • flushing;
  • preheating;
  • tank immersion for galvanization;
  • extraction;
  • blow molding;
  • cooling down;
  • straightening;
  • marking;
  • packaging.
Polyethylene coating

The polyethylene coating is applied to the tubes with an extrusion system up to DN 200. This type of coating allows the following results:

  • High resistance to corrosion of liquids, gases and chemicals;
  • High resistance to impact and hardness test;
  • High dielectric properties;
  • Very high adhesion (tapping) values ​​for a wide thermal excursion;
  • Easy to repair any damage during transport or laying;
  • The most commonly used material for this type of coating is Polyethylene Low Density (PEBD) and Polypropylene (PP).
tubi zincati
tubi zincati
pipes galvanization