The external bitumen coating for buried pipelines was one of the first anti-corrosion protections and still today it is one of the most used as it is a valid solution due to its technical performances having an elevated resistance and longlife expectancy. The mechanical, chemical and dielectric properties of this coating adequatly protects the steel pipelines for water and methane as well as pipes for electric power generation.

Particular attention is made during all the phases of the production according to UNI-ISO 5256/87 which also defines the choice of the raw materials, the surface preparation to the grade SA2/ST3 according to ISO 8501-1 standard and its application. A limewash layer is applied to preserve coating against solar radiation during storage and handling. The Company also adapts its production according to special requests in order to satisfy customer needs guaranteeing quality.

ISO 5256
bitumen coating
Bitumen coating (UNI-ISO 5256/87 standard).